About the Curator

My Name is Heber Richins.

I am 25 years old, I have a love for preserving history, and I have Autism.

I have been a history enthusiast all my life and now that I’m preserving history, I wish to turn my interest into a career, I love vintage machinery, such as old gas pumps, cars, trucks, tractors, soda machines, vintage appliances etc.

In 2018, I rescued my late grandfather’s 1950 gas pump, that had been sitting exposed to the elements for 50 years. two years of restoration work brought the gas pump to its former glory. I have been collecting vintage relics and preserving them for 5 years now. In September of 2021, I joined the board of Hildalgo County Chamber of Commerce and have started helping Hidalgo County become a better place to live and work, through service projects and promoting the history here in Hidalgo County, New Mexico recently I have started volunteering at the Lordsburg Hidalgo County Museum not only to learn about how to run and operate a museum, but also to help out in any way I can.

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