1950 Gilbarco 996 Gas Pump

This my original 1950 Gilbarco gas pump. it is a model 996 and has been in the family for many years. I inherited it from my late grandfather, who bought it at an auction in 1965. little is known about where the pump originated from before it came into the family. My grandfather bought it to use on his farm here in Southwestern New Mexico. he was able to use it for 10 years before the pump shorted out and quit working. The gas pump was laid to rest in the family junkyard, where it remained for 50 years.

in 2018, I removed the gas pump from its resting place, and started bringing it back to its former glory. In the Restoration Process I able to salvage most of the original parts, the rust had not eaten through most of the metal there, there were a couple small spots that needed repairing. However, the gas pump was missing a door and the windows. I was able to salvage both of the original faceplates. When it came to the rewiring stage, I had some help with the original motor, but I did some rewiring for the lights.

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