Southern Pacific 1221

This is Southern Pacific 1221, a S-10 Steam Switcher locomotive. Built in 1913 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Southern Pacific Lines, 1221 was one of the first modern switchers on the railroad. She worked in various railyards including the San Jose Train Station. 1221 never pull long trains on trips, the furthest 1221 went during her service was the railyards signs. the only times 1221 got to travel was to different Railyards.

In 1956 after 43 years of service, 1221 was retired, and was placed in storage. a few years later, the city of Deming, New Mexico was looking for a locomotive that would greet visitors and represent the city as a railroad community. the city contacted the Southern Pacific office in El Paso, Texas, and asked if they could have a steam engine. The El Paso Office said no, so the city contacted the SP Offices in California, and asked if they can have a steam locomotive, they said yes. 1221 was pulled out of storage and made the trip to New Mexico and put on display. eventually a maintenance car and a caboose joined 1221.

Today 1221 remains in Deming, New Mexico greeting visitors and travelers on the road, as a reminder of not only the steam engines, but as part of history from throughout the southwest.

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