Anthony Schmidt and his love for cars.

Meet Anthony Schmidt, a 15 year old young man with Autism, He has an amazing talent and a huge interests in cars.

From the age of 6, Anthony has taken many Incredible photographs of of model cars. He will take a model car and make it look life size.

Anthony’s talents have touched the lives of many people throughout the world. And through those talents, he has made so many friends.

He can name just about any make model and year of a car or truck.

Anthony’s collection of cars has grown fast and is slowly continuing to grow, he even has his very own two classic cars – 1957 Ford and a 1959 Studebaker Silverhawk. He also has a 1970s GMC RV.

You can see more of his amazing photos here at:

You can also visit his Facebook group at:

5 responses to “Anthony Schmidt and his love for cars.”

    • Hi, I believe it was getting close to Halloween season at the time when that photo was taken. it was fun putting this together to let others know about Anthony and his amazing talents.


  1. Great work I was machinist all my life very precise with everything the thing that you do ate outstanding keep up the great things that you do. You are extremely talented have a blessed day.


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